About Us

Victoria Giglio


Ditching a dance competition to shop in NYC, 15 year old Victoria Giglio walked into a Saks Fifth Avenue for the first time. Stars twinkled in her eyes as she purchased her first high fashion accessory: an indigo blue denim Dolce & Gabbana jacket. As she filled a taxi full of shopping bags, she was certain this was more than just a shopping rush. Fashion became her ultimate passion and a part of who she is.

Victoria has brought the fashion world to a fun, local city by opening Houma’s first boutique, Victoria’s Indigo Boutique, giving a nod to her D&G jacket. Also known for cutting-edge fashion shows, Indigo brings sophisticated fun to its customers for over 16 years. Victoria also published Houma’s first fashion magazine.  Victoria has now opened Indigo Interiors, and is taking off into the world of furniture and interior design. She can not only design and decorate your perfect closet, but fill it with stunning clothes as well.